Wednesday, April 29, 2015


For a very long time I have puzzled over the question of the meaning of dream symbols, themes and motifs.  Why do they so frequently befuddle and confuse?  Why my inability to understand, to find meaning in them?  The temptation always is to find meaning that agrees with my assumptions and worldview.  Often when I do, I discover belatedly that I was wrong.

It seems one of the primary functions of dreams is to befuddle and confuse consciousness, and by doing so to call into question established assumptions and a fixed worldview.  The result of constant bewildering input from dreams, often highly irrational and nonsensical in their very nature, is to open consciousness to real life.  And much of real life (whatever that mysterious things is) is highly irrational and nonsensical, often most uncomfortable for consciousness to accept.

I just finished a most entertaining and interesting book, The Rosie Project.  The author creates a main character, Don, with an extremely rigid and different consciousness.  As the story unfolds, the reader gets glimpses into the telos underlying Don's consciousness.  Much to ponder in this little book.