Saturday, April 07, 2018


Care and Counseling, 12141 Ladue Road, St. Louis, MO, 63141, has invited me to present two seminars, "Elements of Jungian Psychology and Their Application in Counseling," on April 11 and 25, 10:30 am - 11:45 am.  The first seminar will focus on the efficacy of the dream for identifying and resolving troubling issues in the personality.  The second seminar will cover (1) the role of symbols in understanding, (2) the relationship between psychology and religion, and (3) Consciousness and its relationship to the Collective Unconscious.

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C. G. Jung’s understanding of patterns in the unconscious and their influence on conscious functioning can be helpful for approaching seemingly intractable problems, problems that cause terrible suffering due to the dissonance between those patterns and an individual’s adapted consciousness.  These two seminars will include discussion of ways of identifying factors in the unconscious that give rise to maladapted functioning as well as approaches for resolving troublesome behaviors. We will also touch on Jung’s ideas about fuller functioning for normal individuals whose issues, though troubling, do not rise to the level of psychopathology.  Jungian analysis has aptly been described as rebuilding one’s ship while at sea because of the structural changes that take place in the personality.

Learning Objectives:

*Identify troubling behaviors that have their source in hidden (unconscious) parts of the client’s
*Help clients see more deeply into reasons/sources of their difficulties so that they are able to adapt to
  challenging circumstances more effectively and with a deeper sense of satisfaction.
*Understand that dream images and storylines are experiences that, when properly understood,
  always provide helpful information and can reveal an inner urge toward grown and development of
  the personality.