Saturday, May 23, 2015


The older I grow, the more it seems to me there is a scheduler working behind the scenes to arrange events into an orderly pattern.  The image that comes to me is that of iron filings moving into a beautiful symmetrical pattern as a magnet is brought near.  Too near and without some protective layer between them and the magnet, the filings lose all shape and merely jump onto the magnet in chaos.  So it seems for us and the events of our lives in relation to the magnetic power that operates behind a thin separating layer.   Only when we have amassed a great number of disparate and seemingly unrelated bits as well as an ability to view those bits somewhat dispassionately, can we discern the developing pattern.  And a beautiful pattern it is!

A problem I have had with religious dogma for a very long time is that it provides a pattern that may or may not fit our own lives.  Fixated on dogma, we may be in danger of missing what is our own uniqueness.  When the dogma fits, all is well.  When it does not, my guess is the process of alignment goes on unconsciously so that we never see it and, hence, cannot learn to cooperate with it.

The I CHING puts it this way (paraphrased):  One must find one's way in the skein of being.

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