Tuesday, November 22, 2016



“Casting Shadows”
A new play by Carol Haake

Directed by Susie Bradley

February 17 & 18,  7:30 pm
February 19,  2:00 pm

Reserve seats now at

$10-$15 in advance; $15-$20 at the door
The Chapel Theater
6238 Alexander Drive, St. Louis, MO  63105

CASTING CALL:  If you are interested in auditioning for a part in this production, please read on!

 Casting Shadows” depicts the Jungian process of individuation, the inner impulse in a person that can urge one on to a fuller, more creative existence.

The play is a fairy tale about an aging queen who is caught in cultural and family expectations about women, aging, and her role as queen. A tragedy sends her running away into the woods where she meets persons from her past, unremembered parts of herself, and other helpful characters. Her experiences help her to become comfortable with herself as an aging woman and a ruler. 

Cast of Characters

Magician: Androgynous character, introduces and closes show, also appears in second scene.

Queen: the main character, a middle aged or older woman

Queen’s shadow: The unacknowledged part of the queen, always with her, giving advice or comments.

Angry woman: Another unacknowledged part of the queen, always with her, takes over and answers for the queen periodically

King: older man, appears with queen in first scene

King’s shadow: Unacknowledged part of king, always with him, giving advice and comments

Father: Makes 3 brief appearances in second scene, once as older man, twice as younger

Mother: Makes 3 brief appearances in second scene, once as older woman, twice as younger

Trickster: Dashes in, causes trouble, dashes out, in second and third scenes, body language important.

Old woman: Older wiser part of the queen, appears in second and third scenes

Young girl: Teen age (or at least young) part of the queen, appears in second the third scenes

Young man: Young man representing the masculine side of queen, appears in second and third scenes

Prime minister: Mature, haughty man, appears in third scene.

Prime minister’s shadow: Unacknowledged part of prime minister, always with him giving advice and comments.

If you are interested in auditioning for one of these amateur roles, please send an e-mail to www.cgjungstl@yahoo.com    Auditions will be held during the second week of December.

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